Ananymoso Production

Nipsey Hussle - TMC: Xtra Laps

• Noah's Ark

Heem Marteen - Who The Hell Is Heem? The EP
• Small Talk

Heem Marteen & Shigady Da Playboy - Tradition
• Fall Back
• Stop-N-Stare featuring Cousin Fik
• Wonder featuring Moe Green
• Lil Cutie featuring Roach Gigz
• Due Time
• Where You Been? featuring Boss Hogg
• Fiyah featuring Trige're

G.G. (Wrongkind Ingles) - 1 Shot
• West Coast featuring Messy Marv
• Party Hard featuring Oso Ocean
• Fast Lane featuring Hollywood Donut

Heem Marteen - Creative Concepts EP
Boe Almighty (Wrongkind Ingles) - Stay In It Vol.1
• Nothin To Lose featuring G.G. & Sean Deez
• Whatever It Takes